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Taking Prior appointments and spending hours in a queue at a diagnostic lab or clinic is now a thing of the past. With Immediate Care Palatine, you get your lab test done at your convenience. Our high-quality medical staff will offer you quick testing and reports. With our fully automated Clinical laboratories, we focus on providing quality at affordable cost. We focus on technology and strong systems that enable us to provide patients with the best services at affordable costs. With the belief that quality is the heart of any intelligent management, Immediate Care Palatine is one of the most reputed and trusted Labs and point of care testing. Our focus on speed and accuracy further made us one of the leading clinical laboratories services.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

We offer complete peace of mind with our uncompromised, reliable, and affordable Clinical laboratory tests. 

Services We Offer

Our medical clinic is well-equipped to handle all your needs, i.e.:

With experience and knowledge in the latest medical practices and equipment, we make sure to offer results as quickly as possible. Regular testing like STD testing becomes important to keep yourself safe from sexually transmitted diseases or infections if you are sexually active.

Our Strengths

  • Quality: Best technology with highly trained professionals; at Immediate Care Palatine, we make sure to deliver the best quality services.
  • Cost: Our focus is to offer patients quality and affordable Clinical labs and blood tests. Moreover, our medical center is fully optimized, highly efficient, and seamless and focuses on delivering the highest level of quality services at affordable costs. We also accept all major insurance to offer you complete peace of mind.
  • Speed: As professionals, we understand the importance of immediate quality treatment. That is why with our enhanced lab testing solutions, we focus on generating quick results.
  • Focus: Our clear focus is to facilitate and standardize quality lab testing for all. That is why our team of highly trained professionals focuses on providing you with fast, reliable medical treatment.

So, if you are looking for a professional medical center that can accommodate all your needs under one roof, make sure to visit us. Our professionals will offer you personalized care without any prior appointment. Check our Labs test online.